What does holistic therapy mean?

Simply put, holistic therapy is a range of treatments that promote physical, mental and emotional health. Holistic therapists work towards restoring the body's natural balance, this removes pain, increases range of movement and improves quality of life. The word 'holistic' originates from the Greek word holos which means 'whole', therapists are always on the look out for reasons that you may be experiencing pain or discomfort which allow you to feel whole again.
Holistic Therapies are becoming much more common and health professionals are beginning to recognise the importance to what holistic therapy can do to improve an individuals overall well-being.

What is holistic therapy?

Health and wellness benefits of holistic therapy

Society is increasingly becoming faster and many people cannot keep up with the change, this leads to disastrous health problems if you do not take the time to care for yourself. The health benefits of holistic therapies can be be split into 3 categories, which are; physical, mental and emotional, as stated in the introduction.


  • Relieves pain symptoms, reducing pain is one of the most important benefits to holistic therapy as reduced pain, increases happiness.
  • Removes tight knots. Having tight knots within your muscles can cause multiple issues such as; pain, reduced range of movement, stress and can lead to chronic pain.
  • Helps to relieve symptoms of fatigue, utilising holistic therapy can hugely influence recovery and relax muscles that may be stressed due to excessive overload.
  • Increases range of movement of joints, reducing tension within muscles can take pressure away from joints and allow them to open up, creating increased range of movement.
  • Removes Lactic Acid and other waste products from muscles, many massage techniques are good for removing waste products via the lymph nodes that are in many joints around the body.
  • Increased oxygen supply to skin, muscles and joints, massage helps to simulate blood flow into the skin, muscles and joint of the affected areas. More blood flow equals more oxygen which is great for recovery.
  • Known to improve sleep. When muscles are relieved from tension and symptoms of stress and anxiety are reduced you are much more able to enjoy a deep sleep on a consistent basis.
What does holistic therapy mean to your health and wellness?


  • Improves feeling of wellness. Taking the time and investing in your own self-care is very important and utilising holistic therapies are a key way to improve your overall health.
  • Concentration levels can increase. Better concentration is a response which kick starts your productivity and helps you to focus on tasks for much longer.
  • Reduces mental fatigue. Mental fatigue is becoming a growing problem in many people, taking the time for a relaxing massage can help you reduce signs of mental fatigue.
Benefits of holistic therapy to improve your well-being


  • Eases feelings of stress and anxiety
  • Helps to control emotions
  • Been known to increase confidence
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