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Personal Training that focuses on RESULTS, not excuses!

Our Personal Trainers

Level Wellness personal training services are designed specifically with each individual's goals in mind. We have an experienced personal trainer working out of Warehouse Gym in Oldham, using warehouse is great for clients who are looking to improve strength and build muscle mass. Warehouse gym itself has great equipment and an excellent space to allow us to tailor our sessions to your needs much easier.

About our personal training sessions:

We tailor our sessions to benefit each individual client to get the results they truly desire. One client may like to lose weight but does not respond to HIIT training, so we take the reins and find new and effective measures that will see you make progress.

Keeping track of your progress is vital, we track all of our clients progress using training programs that have been tailor made for each individual client.


Our experienced personal trainers will help you reach the fitness goals that you thought to be impossible! Whether you are a gym newbie or seasoned gym user we aspire to take you to the next level!

  • Weight loss - Burning off stubborn body fat is difficult, especially when all you know is a treadmill, our experienced personal trainers help you to lose weight in an effective way and teach you methods that keep it off long term.
  • Body toning - Toning is a term that basically means to lose body fat but retain some muscle mass which allows you to be the shape desired, whether you want a peachy bum or a more rounded chest.
  • Improved strength - Strength = Muscle, we implement effective training plans that make a difference to your performance and significantly improve your strength.
  • Weight gain - Gaining weight may sound easy, but doing so effectively is a real challenge, we implement strength programs with our clients and advise how to eat well to improve performance and size without gaining excessive levels of body fat.
  • Improved fitness - We teach you how to improve fitness but also how you can make it more fun doing so.
Warehouse Gym Oldham

Personal Training at Warehouse Gym

Take a look at the facility we use to help you achieve your fitness goals!

12-Week fitness transformation
Start your 12-week body transformation

Changing your routine and improving your health and fitness in a 12-week period is easy to do BUT requires a huge amount of will power and dedication to see the results you want and keeping them for the long term.

Warehouse Gym Oldham

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