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I work on a mobile basis in your own homes or offices. The priority is making you comfortable so we can help improve your state of healing and I feel this is best when done in an environment you are truly feeling yourself in. Currently I offer Sports Massage and Swedish Massage, these two methods of treatment all look to help you improve your recovery from injury or every day tightness and stresses whether they are mental or physical. I am available for one-off treatments or as part of a regular treatment plan.


Massage is a hugely popular method of treatment for athletes and general members of public who experience pain, discomfort, poor range of movement etc. 

  • Pre-Training/Pre-Event - To warm up the necessary tissues that are required and to reduce any tightness last minute to ensure maximum performance.
  • Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) - After intensive exercise you may be feeling stresses and soreness because of it. Commonly DOMS begin the day or two after and this would be a perfect time to have a sports massage from us, as it will assist in relieving pain almost immediately and push waste built up within the muscles.
  • Helps to ease symptoms of depression - Massage is an excellent way to increase the flow of serotonin in the body. Serotonin is the chemical responsible for mood balance. Promoting serotonin is a key way to reduce stress flow throughout the body. 
  • Self-Care - Utilising massage as a means to improve your self-care is important as it is a great way for you to relax and unwind.
  • Post Training/Post-Event - After a long training session or event you may be feeling extreme tightness that causes pain, cramps and a loss of movement within joints, massage is a perfect way to reduce those symptoms and begin your recovery.
  • Prolonged Driving/Sitting - After many hours in a seated position each week, this causes weakness in the back. Having a regular massage is known to reduce pain and stiffness.  
  • Relieve symptoms of whiplash - Whiplash symptoms arise due to acceleration and deceleration movements caused by; a car crash or a high speed rugby tackle, massage helps to relieve the tension in the neck and increase range of movement that has been lost while your body is trying to protect itself.

Massage Techniques

I typically use a range of techniques as an effective treatment for numerous of conditions. I pride myself on how effectively I treat my clients using a range of techniques, these include;

  • Effleurage - A soft friction technique which is usually used at the beginning of a massage to warm the tissues up and improve blood flow. The use of long strokes influences lymph nodes that flush waste out of the body and improve recovery.
  • Kneading - Kneading involves using much more pressure with the goal of reducing pain and increasing movement. This high pressure technique helps to realign collagen fibres that make up a muscle and it's strength.
  • Petrissage - Petrissage is a technique that breaks down adhesion's, improves blood flow and is known to reduce muscle spasm in thicker and deeper lying muscles.
  • Trigger-Points - Most commonly a trigger-point feels like a taut band within the muscle, this ultimately leads to a loss of range of movement but can also bring some serious pain alongside it.

Learn more about Swedish Massage and the benefits it can provide you.

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What is Sports Massage?

What is Sports Massage? 

Learn more about Sports Massage and the benefits that it can provide you. 

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Mobile Massage that suits you
Mobile massage that suits you

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