5 home workouts that require no equipment

Now you have found yourself having to self isolate due to the COVID-19 pandemic then take a look at our 5 home workouts that requires no equipment to help you!

Home workouts and outdoor workouts are now the only option in the UK with the lockdown officially upon us.

This article has been put together to help you find inspiration for home workouts that will help you maintain your gym progress without the use of any specific gym equipment!

how to make home workouts fun

Gyms closing is the nightmare of all nightmares for those who take pride in staying fit and improving their physical and mental health. Being without a squat rack or bench press for a period of time is enough to drive us all crazy, unless you're lucky enough to have a home gym where you can workout.

We have put together 5 workouts that require absolutely no gym equipment, instead using typical household furnishings and items.

the all important workouts

Fullbody 1

Bulgarian Split Squat12/153
Pike Holds30 Seconds3
Box Squat12/153
Plank To Press Up10/123
Glute Bridges12/153
Tricep Dips12/153

Utilising your sofa to make exercise much more interesting is absolutely necessary while we embrace the rules during this lockdown period.


Squat to Lunge12/153
Skier Jumps30 Seconds3
Hoover Curls12/153
Rucksack Rows12/153
Plank Jacks12/153
Chair Press12/153

Legs and glutes

Step Up Squats12/153
SL Bridges12/153
Plyo Split Squats12/153
Towel Curls12/153
Pulse Squats12/153
Calf Raises12/153

Keeping your legs working is a MUST during this time, you do not want to be the person who does no legs during lockdown, you will regret it the second you go back to the gym!


Pike Press12/153
Shoulder Taps10/123
Military Press Ups12/153
Tricep Dips12/153
Press Up to Shoulder Touch10/123

Ensuring you do not neglect your upper body sessions is vital, using bodyweight exercises instead of weights may be the key to progression when you head back to your gym.

Abs + Cardio

Leg Raises12/153
Mountain Climbers12/153
Reverse Crunches12/153
Plank to Press10/123

Burn off those pre lockdown takeaways and work your abs hard to get your summer 2021 bod ready ;D


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